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I want to send a thankful message to the School due the extraordinary work that Nasreen did to prepare me for the exam. I had no experience before with driving and I had passed at once. She is a very dedicated, careful and kind instructor. With her vast experience she taught me everything I need it to drive safely. She was also supportive and encouraging and she cared for my well being. She knows that it is important to keep balance to learn and perform well. So, she cares for her students emotions and gives the necessary support to keep the enthusiasm. She is also very honest with her lessons feedback. A great balance to be a driving instructor.

I am so happy with her and her husband who were great mentors for me to accomplish this milestone. I also love their voice tone. It looks like a little detail but in those circumstances someone who speaks clearly, assertive and gentle helps a lot.

Thanks so much.

Fanny | November 2018


My driving lessons with my driving instructor Jack were both informative and a clear delight. Jack is a superb teacher and set my nerves at ease instantly. He’s not only kind and conversational, but a true teacher in every form. I passed my G2 test today because of him and I recommend him as a teacher to any new driver.

Thank you so much Jack!!

Megan | October 2018


I passed my G Road Test today because of the superb driving instructions that I received from Inam.

I am 72 years of age and was required to retake my G Road Test because of an accident that I was responsible for.

Previously I had received driving instructions from another school and failed the G Road test on my first attempt. This was very discouraging until I realized that I failed because of the poor driving instructions that I had received from this other driving school.

Taking lessons with Inam was like a breath of fresh air. He built up my confidence by giving me detailed instructions for all the things that I needed to know to pass the Drive Test.

I would highly recommend Inam to anyone who is looking for confidence building driving instructions to enable them to pass a Drive Test.

Norm | August 2018


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

Today Jack took my daughter Cynthia for her G2 in Renfrew.

June 30th Jack took Cynthia out for 2 hrs of driving.

I'm very impressed with Jack 

He is so nice and put my daughter at ease. Helped her gained conference.

Taught her things her last instructor did not teach her. Such as how to merge onto the 417.

Thank You Jack!!!

Laurie | July 2018


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

I just wanted to send an email regarding Jack.

Jack is a friendly, polite, excellent instructor!

My daughter needed some in car lessons, she already knew the theory and I had given her quite a bit of road instruction, however I felt she needed a driving instructor to help her over some rough spots.

Ottawa Driving School put me in touch with Jack Abou-Chakra, he was happy to re-arrange his schedule to accommodate my daughters timetable (exams), He was prompt, professional, and best of all an excellent instructor.

Ottawa Driving School is lucky to have him! Jack even called us the day of my daughters G2 test to see how she did, as she hadn’t had her road test yet he said we were to call him with her results as he was on pins and needles…lol

Needless to say she passed with flying colours, and that’s all because of Jack.

Stuart | July 2018


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for our positive experience with your driving school. I researched driving schools online for my 16 year old son and talked to friends and was recommended Ottawa Driving School. You were reasonably priced compared to other driving schools. You also had a special on where you would match competitors prices in the same area. So we ended up getting a great deal. The girls in the office I talked to on the phone were friendly and helpful. I even talked to the owner on the phone who was also very nice and helpful.

Fred was my son's classroom instructor and he was great. My son found him very knowledgeable and nice and he made it easy to understand the material being taught. My son felt very well informed by the end of the course. I then asked Fred as well as the girls in the office if they could recommend a driving instructor who was very patient and nice for my son who was nervous about driving. I knew if my son had an instructor who wasn't patient then it would cause even more stress for him. They recommended Majed and he did not disappoint.

Majed was an excellent driving instructor. My son felt very at ease with him and looked forward to his lessons with him. Majed was very experienced and patient and kind. To be so patient with the students and make them feel at ease and comfortable is such an important quality to have for a driving instructor and Majed was the best. My son learned so much from him and went from being nervous to leave our subdivision in the beginning to feeling comfortable out on the roads by the end. My son passed his G2 road test the first time thanks to Majed. My son is now a confident, safe driver.

Thank you to Ottawa Driving School, Fred and Majed. I have already and will continue to recommend you to all my friends.

Paula | May 26, 2018


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

My kid Alex, has completed the in car instruction with Aswan.

Here is the document completed by the instructor.

I want to let your administration know how much we appreciated the level of professionalism and courtesy provided to us. Alex started off being very anxious about driving and was at times difficult due to his lack of a desire to drive and the anxiety of other drivers overall. Aswan took that energy and allowed him to express those concerns without judgment and offered assurance and built up Alex’s confidence. My kid is now a very confident driver who is in so much a better frame of mind concerning driving and has the skills needed to pass the in car examination.

I also want to let your administration know about you Morgan, you have always been very helpful, professional and efficient in helping us through this process. You have provided us with exemplary service in a timely manner that has allowed Alex to succeed, I thank you for being part of this journey with us. I am sure you are likely thinking you were just doing your job, but you made a difference.

We will be coming back with our last kid and will likely register in the next few weeks in one of your one week programs at the Orleans office.

Terri | May 10, 2018


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

I would like to give some of my positive feedback about my driving instructor;

I was so nervous driver with driving road test for G2 today (after had been failed twice ).

Before taking lesson with professional instructor Majed.

Majed was not only had comforting energy to be around and relaxed me and helping me to focus on specific skilled and techniques.

Majed was very camly and redirects my concern by advice me " let's try again" untill I got the techniques correct.

Majed would reminding me when I  forgot to apply a skilled without being judgemental and maintained a positive attitude and insisting that I would get it right with practice.

I  would highly recommended Majed as a teacher to anyone looking, to feel safer behind the wheel or pass the road test.

He gave me the road knowledge which eased my idea of driving.

His teaching manor was clearly and consistent, after I passed my G2 today, he built  confidence in my driving ability.

I could not  be more appreciative for his patience and guidance.

I will always highly recommend Majed "THE BEST "

Sue | March 8, 2018


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

I would lke to express my appreciation to the Ottawa Driving School specifically to Aswan and Ray for helping me pass my G2 driving test. You helped me a lot to gain my skills, knowledge and confidence to drive. I would like to specifically mention Aswan for her effort and knowledge as instructor. I will definitely recommend her for she is highly professional.

Henderson | June 2017


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

TI am a parent of 2 students that Majed taught for driving class. One was writing a G2 and one doing the G exam.

Majed, was phenomenal, patient, clear in his instructions, very punctual, accommodating to our complex schedule and very creative. Majed would instruct in different methods if the first method was not effective. He is very confident in his skills which definitely transferred to the students and he built confidence in their driving abilities.

I will always highly recommend Majed.

Mumtaz | September 4, 2016


Dear Ottawa Driving School,

I wanted to give some positive feedback about my driving instructor.

I was an extremely nervous driver and had failed my G2 test twice before taking lessons with my instructor, Majed. I was directed to him when I called the driving school and asked very specifically for an instructor who was good with anxious drivers. My experience was exceptional.

Majed not only had a comforting energy to be around which relaxed me and helped me to focus on specific skills and techniques, but he was also very engaged and constructively critical in my areas of weakness. When i was discouraged with my lack of knowledge or inability to properly apply skills, he was very calm and would redirect my stress by inviting me to "try again" until I got my techniques correct. He would remind me when I forgot to apply a skill without being judgemental and maintained a positive attitude insisting that I would get it right with practice.

I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone looking to feel safer behind the wheel or pass a road test. He gave me the road knowledge which eased my anxieties around the idea of driving, and allowed me to focus on the actual driving itself. His teaching manor was clear and consistent and after passing my G2 today I couldn't be more appreciative for his patience and guidance.

Please give him a generous raise he's THE BEST.

Emily | November 3, 2016