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Questions and Answers


Q: Is Ottawa Driving School Inc a ministry approved course provider?

A: Yes. Ottawa Driving School is approved and licensed by the Ministry of Transport (MTO) to provide Beginner Driver Education (BDE) courses, which means you will be eligible for your road test in 8 months instead of one year and you may be eligible for possible insurance discounts.

MTO approved driving schools have annual audits to ensure the school is in compliance with ministry rules and regulations. We are accountable.

Please check this link for all ministry approved driving schools:

Q: Can I start the Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course without my G1 license?

A: Yes, you may do the in-class sessions without obtaining your G,1 but you cannot start the in vehicle driving portion until you have attained your G1 license.

Q: Can I split up my payments?

A: Yes, you may make a maximum of two payments. The first one to start the classroom portion of the BDE course. However, you cannot begin your vehicle portion until you have paid in full.

Q: How long do I have to finish my Beginner Driver Education course?

A: You have six months from the first day of your in-class to complete both portions of the course.

Q: I already have my G1, do I need to take the course?

A: No. You do not have to take a course. you can have a friend or family member train you. However, many things have changed with technology and laws and procedures since your friends or family was tested. We can provide "Just Lessons" in car to help you with specific areas, such as parking and road test procedures. We are here to help. We make it easy for you.

Q: What are the benefits of taking the full BDE course?

The reason people take the course is to get 3 benefits.
1) You will learn properly with both classroom theory and in car practical training
So you will learn about defensive driving and collision avoidance.
So you will leasrn how to pass your MTO road tests (both G2 & G).
So you will learn about driving in adverse conditions.
2) You will reduce your eligibility for road test from 1 year to 8 months.
3) Insurance companies recognize our BDE course for possible insurance discounts.

The full BDE course consists of 20 hours of in-class learning, 10 (automatic) or 12 (8 on automatic and 4 on manual) hours of in-vehicle lessons, and 10 hours of homelink assignments. Not only will this better educate you on safe driving skills but it will also potentially reduce your insurance premiums. Once you have completed your training and passed both the in-class and in-vehicle training, the school will certify you on the Ministry of Transportation system. You may then request a Driver’s License History (DLH) from Service Ontario which will serve as proof that the student has completed the course. Completing the course will also allow you to take the test to acquire your G2 license in eight months as opposed to one year.

Q: Do I have to finish my classroom theory before I start my in-vehicle driver training?

A: No, they may be completed at the same time, but you must attend the first in-class session before you begin your in-vehicle training. The instructor will contact you to set up your vehicle training once you begin your classroom theory.

Q: What should I bring to my training?

For your classroom theory:
Please bring your driver’s license, pen, stationary, and payment. Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash and Cheque are accepted at all of our locations. Debit is accepted only at our Orleans and Walkley locations.
For your in-car practical driver training:
Please remember to bring your license to every appointment, as well as your yellow in-car training record which will be given to you on the first day of class.

Q: Where can I leave a compliment/comment/concern?

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm: Please call our office at 613-737-9595

Email: [email protected]


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