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Ministry Approved - Beginner Driver Education Course Provider

8 classroom locations & more than 25 instructors to serve you better

Low Cost - Up to Date - Enjoyable - #1 in the Ottawa Region

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In Car Training - Just Driving Lessons - No Certificate

We will send an instructor to you. Pick up and drop off included.

All of our cars are equipped with a dual braking system for your safety and ours, driving school signage and are licensed by the City of Ottawa.
All of our cars have the proper commercial driving school insurance with $2million liability and the 6D driving school endorsment. We operate within the law unlike many illegal instructors that do not (for example, like illegal taxis). This way you are protected should a collision occur.

Instruction is provided in a car with Automatic Transmission. For G1 drivers, we must teach in the driving school car as per municipal and provincial laws.

For G2 and G drivers, instruction can be provided in our car or yours (same price).

For Manual Shift instruction, the in car driving lessons will be provided in your car (G2 or G only). For manual shift instruction in a driving school car, please contact
(Proshift is a separate company that is associated with Ottawa Driving School, all fees are paid to Proshift. Their fees are different than ours.)

Our instructors meet and surpass the higher standards that the Ministry of Transport for Ontario require under regulation 473/07, whereas many instructors DO NOT meet these higher standards.

Please tell us:
Where you want to be picked up and dropped off.
Lets us know what training you want: parking, turns, lane changes, 3 point turns, how to pass a road test, etc.
Then we will put you in contact with one of our Instructors (male or female, as you request).

All of our Instructors speak English. We also have instructors who speak French, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi, Tugalog, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Slovakian. More than 25 Instructors to serve you better.

Special attention for nervous drivers.

Yes, we teach parking in 3 easy steps.

We specialize in helping people pass their Road Test.

PRICES:(for one session)

One hour lesson (60 minutes)


1 + 1/2 hours lesson (90 minutes)


Two hour lesson (120 minutes)


Please Note:
Driving Lesson prices have not been raised for 15 years. We do NOT discount these prices.
(Extra charges may apply for distant areas. For example, Metacalfe/Osgoode, Dunrobin/Munster Hamlet/Carleton Place, Rockland, etc.)

Driving Test Preparation & Road Test Rentals

1570 Walkley DriveTest Centre or 5303 Canotek DriveTest Centre


Ottawa Driving School Inc offers the rental of a car equipped with
Automatic Transmission & an Instructor to take you to your Road Test.

The G1 to G2 Road Test is 20 minutes in duration and is city driving only.
The G2 to G Road Test is 30 minutes in duration. It is both city & highway.

The company that is licenced by MTO to do written and road tests is
DriveTest does not provide a car for the test. You must provide a safe car for the test.

To schedule a G2 or G Road Test: call 1-888-570-6110 for all Ontario DriveTest locations
or go online at  DriveTest

After you schedule your roadtest appointment, please call us at this number to reserve a car and an instructor - (613) 737-9595

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Evenings and Weekends: Please call Ray at 613 791-6958 (cellular)

Driving Test Evaluation - One hour and half (90 minutes) $60 Paid directly to your Instructor

This starts with a short drive, to get you used to the car.  Then the instructor will put you through a simulated driving test to evaluate your Skill, Knowledge, Judgement and Observational performance.  Then your strengths, weaknesses and our recommendations are discussed.  We then provide an explanation of the MTO on road driving test and an explanation of the MTO Road Test score sheet and marking method. Then the Instructor will help you with your weak areas. If time permits, we will take you to the driving test area.
The Driver Examiner will be testing four (4) major aspects of driving.

  1. Skill: You must be able to perform all aspects of handling the car skillfully and safely, including turns, changing lanes, parking, reversing, maintaining proper lane positioning, maintaining steady speed, smooth precise control, etc.
  2. Knowledge: You must know the laws, the proper procedures for turns, roadside stops, lane changes, handling intersections, emergency vehicles, and you must know your vehicle and controls.
  3. Observation: Requires that you are constantly looking for problems by scanning intersections, checking the correct mirror and checking blind spots when necessary. You need to turn your head, so the examiner can see you.
  4. Judgement: Develops through practice and lots of driving time.  Your judgement for proper speed when turning, going around a curve, etc. Your judgement for distance. Distance from parked cars or people, following distance, curb distance judgement.  Your Decision Making abilities. You must have the knowledge and judgement to know what to do in traffic.

There are significant differences in how they test and mark, between the G1-G2 and G2-G tests.

During the "Road Test" the Driver Examiner is not allowed to coach you. All decision making in the driving task is up to you, the Applicant for an Ontario Drivers License. DriveTest Examiners are very professional and will only give you precise directions. 

Examiners WILL NOT try to trick you.  They WILL NOT ask you to do anything illegal.

Please read below, for what is included on the Day of your Road Test
*** A driving lesson is recommended a few days before your test. ***

G1 to G2 is $100
G2 to G is $125

Payment Options:
Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, at our office or by phone 613-737-9595,
OR pay cash directly to your instructor at the time of the lesson.

To cancel or reschedule a lesson, please give us 24 hours notice.
Instructors are paid only when they teach.

Please note: additional charges apply if the pick up and drop off is far away from the driver examination center.
(same as taxis, buses & tow trucks) 

From Kanata & Stittsville add $20 due to the extra distance and travelling time.
(G1 to G2 is $100 + $20 = $120 Total)   (G2 to G is $125 + $20 = $145 Total)

To Winchester add $50, ( G1 to G2 is $100 + 50 = $150 Total)
To Smiths Falls add $80 ( G1 to G2 is $100 + 80 = $180 Total)
For other areas, please call for price and availability.
Please keep in mind .. Taxi's charge $1.60 a kilometre + $3.50 for pickup.
We do not charge anywhere near the cost of a taxi. We are much cheaper.

This is what is included on the Day of your Road Test:

We pick you up with our car at your location, 90 minutes prior to your scheduled road test time. We provide you with 60 minutes of driving practice immediately prior to your test (to help overcome nervousness and give you important updated information).

We have to arrive at the DriveTest location 30 minutes before your scheduled road test time, for "Check In" (as required by DriveTest). After check in, we wait in the car for the DriveTest Examiner to come to the car. While waiting, we answer any road test questions you have.

When the DriveTest Examiner arrives, they check the vehicle to ensure it meets MTO Standards.
(The Examiner will check the tires, the windshield for cracks, the signal & brake lights, horn, etc)

After this, the Examiner will go through a "Preamble" with you in the car, to give you information, regarding what is expected of you, during your road test. Then, away you go. Just follow their directions. All driving decisions are yours.

The Examiner will NOT try to trick you. The Examiner will NOT ask you to do anything illegal.
Driving Examiners are required to watch you closely during the test! 

After the test, we will help you complete your paperwork and license upgrade.
Then drive you back to your home, work, or school.

This entire procedure takes 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours depending on traffic, etc.

We currently have a former DriveTest Examiner on staff (Fred).
We also have a former motorcycle and school bus signing authority on staff (Ray).

To pass your Road Test:
  1. Your Driving Skills must be very good (parking, turns, lane changes, etc).
  2. You must know and obey the Right-of-Way Rules.
  3. You must know and obey the Laws and Speed Limits.
  4. You must know the Procedures required for all Manoeuvres.
  5. Have good Observation Skills (looking for traffic problems).
  6. Have good Decision Making Ability.


Please reserve in a car and Instructor well in advance same as you do for your Road Test.


We have Great Instructors!