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Course Information and Policies

Questions, Compliments & Concerns:
Office: 613-737-9595    Fax: 613-737-4848     Email: [email protected]

Benefits of MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses

  1. Learn to drive safely and legally from a college trained and government licensed Driving Instructor.
  2. Reduce your road test eligibility apprenticeship period, from 12 months to 8 months.
  3. Qualified graduates are eligible to receive discounts from Automobile Insurers.

Your Course – Classroom Theory, Tests, & Workbook
Your Driving Course MUST be completed within 6 months from your first theory class.

  1. Classroom theory is 20 hours with 2 multiple choice tests (50% of theory mark).
  2. Student workbook must be completed and handed in by the last classroom session.
    (50% of theory mark). Replacement cost is $15.
  3. If you miss a theory class, call 613-737-9595 or email the Ottawa Driving School for your available options.
  4. If you need to use your phone, please ensure it does not disrupt the classroom. Please step out.

Your Course In-Car Driving Lessons
Your Driving Course MUST be completed within 6 months from your first theory class.

  1. You can choose and change your instructor(s). We will provide a list.
  2. You will make your appointments directly with your Driving Instructor (1½ or 2 hour sessions).
  3. In-vehicle training is 10 hours total (12 hours for manual shift, 8 on automatic and 4 on manual shift).
  4. You must have a valid G1, G2 or G Ontario Drivers Licence to start in car training.
  5. Note: Most people require 30+ hours of behind the wheel driving in order to pass their road test.
    Additional training is available at extra cost.
  6. You will be issued an in car driver training record / driving evaluation (yellow form).

Bring this form to your in-car training sessions. Do not leave this yellow form with the instructor!

To Cancel an In-Car Driving Lesson
Call your instructor directly at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your lesson. Do not call the office!
The office will not take cancellations and you will be charged as a missed appointment.

Late cancellations or missed appointments: YOU WILL BE CHARGED $30 (payable to your in-car instructor).
Instructors are only paid when they teach. Please keep your appointments.

To Get Certified
Contact the office at 613 737-9595 Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm (1245 Walkley Rd)

  1. You must pass your 2 classroom theory tests (pass mark of 80%+).
  2. Complete and hand in your student workbook at the last class (pass mark of 80%+).
  3. Hand in, mail, email, or fax, your In-Car Training Record/Driving Evaluation (pass mark of 80%+).

This yellow form must be properly filled in, dated and signed by you and your instructor.

  1. We need a photocopy of your Driver's License. A good fax or scan/email of the license is acceptable.
  2. MTO regulations require all training and documentation to be completed and handed in to the Driving School office (1245 Walkley Rd) within one year from the date you started your theory class.

After this, no MTO insurance certificate can be issued!

Upon successful completion of all the requirements of both in-class and the in-car components, students will have their certificate added electronically to their Driver’s Licence History. This transfer is authorized by the government of Ontario, Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Allow 2 working days for this service

To Schedule Your MTO Road Test
Call 1-888-570-6110 or or visit a DriveTest Office in person.
DriveTest requires 48 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling. They charge $50 for late cancellations or missed appointments. DriveTest requires you to bring your own vehicle. You can rent one from us.